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Victoria Medical Group Booking Information

                             (Updated January 17th, 2023)

Family Doctor
Family Doctor

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digital x-ray
digital x-ray

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Family Doctor
Family Doctor

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Existing Patients only: 
(Already rostered with a family doctor)

New Patients only :
(who have never been to our center before)

All Patients: 

Message to all the patients: 
We are experiencing high volume of the phone calls. If you call our center, you will be in the queue and may be on hold for 10 minutes or even more.  We apologize for the inconvenience. We are doing our best to provide services to all the patients. Please be patient when you are on hold, staff will answer your call as soon as they can. If you don't want to be held on the phone, please leave a voice message or click here to submit a form to request an appointment. We will call you as soon as we can. 

For doctors' office, our staff answer the calls 416 609 1100 between 9am - 4pm daily. You can also leave a message between 9am-4pm. We don't take voice messages after 4pm.

>>> For diagnostic ultrasound and cardiac (Echocardiogram) booking, please call 416 335 0323 between 9am -6pm. 

Important: when you leave a message or submit request form, please indicate when is the best time to reach you during our business hours 9am -4pm.

Victoria Medical Group is committed to providing quality medical care to the respectful patients. We remind the patients that discriminatory comments, aggressive behaviors or using coarse language will not be tolerated. If necessary, it may lead to the termination of the physician-patient relationship. We thank you in advance for your cooperation.

Regular Doctor's Office Hours: 

Monday - Saturday 

9am - 6pm doctors seeing patients 

9am - 4pm Staff answering phone calls

                  416 609 1100


10am - 6pm doctors seeing patients 

10am - 4pm Staff answering phone calls

                    416 609 1100

Please leave message before 4pm if you don't want to wait in the queue.  No voice message can be taken after 4pm. 

Regular Ultrasound Hours: 

Monday - Friday    8:30am - 6:00pm           

Saturday               8:30am - 5:00pm                

Sunday                 By appointments only 

X-Ray Hours: 

Monday                10:00am - 2:00pm

Tuesday                10:00am - 6:00pm

Thursday              10:00am - 2:00 pm

Friday                   10:00am - 6:00pm

Saturday               10:00am - 6:00pm

Wednesday & Sunday:    X-Ray Closed

Staff answers the phone calls 416 335 0323 between 9am - 6pm, or you can leave messages. Staff will return your call as soon as they can. 

Our Address: 

Victoria Medical Group 

Unit 201, 1252 Lawrence Avenue East 

North York, ON M3A 1C3 

Our entrance and parking lot are at the back of the building, on Curlew Drive. 

The building name is Curlew Healthcare

Both lower and upper level parking lots are open to our patients and it is free. The building entrance has a wheelchair accessible RAMP.

Our Services 

Family Practice 

We are a multi-disciplinary medical centre offering a wide range of healthcare services.  


We listen carefully to your story to discover ways to move forward into wellness.

Dedicated to provide quality diagnostic services in our community since 2011.

X-Ray & Ultrasound
Cardiac Testing

We are an accredited Echocardiography Laboratory, certified by Corhealth. 

Our Professional Team 

Victoria Medical Group is a multi-disciplinary medical center offering a wide range of healthcare services. Our physician team have sought to come together as a diverse group that captures, as best we can, the diversity of family practice in North York Toronto. Here is who we are: 

Dr. Crestein Ghattas   

MD CCFP   Female family Physician

Dr. Karim Merali Murji                                                 

MD Family Physician, Fellowship in Echocardiography

Dr. Shezad Tejani                                              

MD CCFP Family Medicine & Interventional Pain Management

Dr. Sana Virani              

MD CCFP Female Family Physician   

Dr. Shameela Karmali     

MD CCFP  Female Family Physician  

Dr. Noorbegum Nagji  

MD Family Physician  

Dr. Faizal Kassam         (Currently on vacation)


Dr. Rahima Alani           (Currently on maternity leave)

MD CCFP  Female Family Physician  

Dr. Amir Janmohamed                                                                     MBBS Cardiologist, Medical Director, RVHS 

Dr. Ahmed Hassan                                                                          MD FRCPC MPH,  Psychiatrist

Dr. Sheniz Eryuzlu                                                                       

Sports and Exercises Medicine Specialist


Dr. Hanif Gilani                                                                                MD Internal Medicine & Preventive care 

Dr. Amirudin Mewa                                                                           Rheumatologist

Dr. Navyn Naran                                                                           MD Pediatrician

Dr. Amit Anand                                                                                 MD Orthopaedic Surgeon 

Dr. Saul Miller                                                                                   MD  FRCPC  Cardiologist, SGH 

Dr. Soliman Sonbol                                                                         MD FRCPC  Psychiatrist 

Dr. Yasmeen Punjani                                                                        MD FRCPC Geriatrician 

Dr. Dae Chung                                                                                 MD FRCPC Lead Radiologist 


Dr. Wayne Deitel                                                                               MD  FRCPC  Radiologist Quality Advisor 

Dr. Christopher Dyck

MD FRCPC Radiologist 

Dr. Robert Hawkes 

MD FRCPC Radiologist 

Dr. Roger Chou 

MD FRCPC Radiologist 

Dr. Shauna Drover 

MD FRCPC Radiologist 

Dr. Lisa Jong 

MD FRCPC Radiologist 

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