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Ultrasound -Guided Injection Services 

Available at Victoria Medical Group 



Victoria Medical Group Clinic provides precision ultrasound-guided joint injection services, performed by our professionally trained physicians. The ultrasound-guided injections have been widely used as an effective tool for pain management of joints, tendons and ligaments. The procedure is carried out under ultrasound guidance. It allows the practitioner to visualize the needle in real time as it enters the body and traverses to the desired location.  This assures that the medication is accurately injected at the intended site. 


Dr. Fahim Merali

MD CCFP(SEM) Dip Sport Med,

Focused Practice Designation. Accredited Member of the Canadian Academy of Pain Management


Dr. Fahim Merali is a sports and exercise medicine specialist who completed his residency and fellowship training at the University of Toronto. He specializes in assessment and non-operative treatment of acute (e.g., sprains, fractures) and chronic (e.g., osteoarthritis, overuse injuries) musculoskeletal conditions. He can provide interventional pain management procedures with ultrasound guidance, such as joint injections, nerve and tendon injections and hyaluronic acid and PRP injections.

Dr. Merali works with regular people who have muscle and joint problems or who are having trouble starting or returning to exercise. He also works with a wide range of both elite and amateur athletes and has worked with Canadian Junior National Men’s Basketball Team, the NHL, and the Raptors 905. His special interests include promoting exercise for prevention and treatment of chronic disease, and he is currently involved in research developing and testing a new protocol for the treatment of Frozen Shoulder.

Please speak to your family doctor about injection referrals.

Fax Referral to: 

416 609 1102 

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