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X-Ray and Ultrasound

X-Ray is a very important diagnostic tool and one of the oldest forms of diagnostic imaging. It is used to create images of the body's internal structures. X-ray exams are performed by medical radiation technologists. X-ray is used to detect abnormalities in bones, lungs and other internal structures. Our general X-Ray does not require appointments. Walk-ins are accepted within our normal business hours.
An ultrasound scan (sonogram) is an examination that uses sound waves to create an image of your body. It can be used as a routine test for pregnant women, aid in treatment and is used to diagnose conditions in many parts of the body.  Ultrasound is painless, non-invasive examination. The test usually takes from 20 to 60 minutes to perform depending on what examination you physician has requested.

We provide high quality and fully digital general X-Ray and ultrasound services, insured by OHIP. 

  • General X-Ray (no appointment required)

  • Abdominal and Pelvis Ultrasound

  • TRUS (Transrectal Ultrasound)

  • Pregnancy Ultrasound (all stages.)

  • IPS (Integrated Prenatal Screening, certified NT sonographers)

  • Musculoskeletal 

  • Breast Ultrasound 

  • Small Parts 

X-Ray is on walk-in basis. 

Ultrasound is usually by appointment. We do accept walk-in ultrasound. Please call us first before you walk-in to avoid long waiting. 

To book appointment with doctors: 416 609 1100 

(We answer phone calls 10am - 6pm  7 days a week.)

To book X-Ray Ultrasound: 416 335 0323 

(Due to COVID-19, our X-Ray Ultrasound open on selected days. Please call for more info and appointment.)

(We answer phone calls 9am - 6pm everyday except Sunday.)

To Book Echocardiogram / Holter: 416 609 1100

10am - 6pm  7 days a week 

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We Do All Stages of Pregnancy Ultrasound

Hours of Operation:   (Our hours may change due to COVID-19. Call 416 335 0323 for info.)
Monday – Friday: 8:30am – 6pm
                Saturday: 8:30am – 5pm
                Sunday: Closed
Direct Appointment Line: 416 335 0323
Fax: 416 335 0036
Preparation for Ultrasound Appointment
Abdomen (including  gallbladder, kidneys, pancreas, aorta, liver, spleen):
  • Nothing to eat or drink 8 hours prior to abdomen examination. 
  • If you have pelvis exam with abdomen, you can drink 5 glasses of water 1 hours
before examination. Do not empty your bladder. 
Pelvis / Bladder / Appendix:
  • Finish drinking 4 to 5 (8-oz.) glasses of water 1 hour before the exam and do
       not empty bladder. Full bladder is required in order to obtain good images. 
Obstetrical - early pregnancy (less than 14 weeks):
  • Finish drinking 6 (8-oz.) glasses of water or clear fluids 1 hour before exam
       and do not empty bladder.
Obstetrical - late pregnancy (14 weeks to 40 weeks):
  • Finish drinking 1 or  2 glasses of water or clear fluids 1 hour before exam and do not empty bladder.
Female Pelvis/Transvaginal:
  • After the procedure is explained to the patient, patient is required to sign the consent form. A probe will be inserted into the vagina to get a quick look at the uterus and ovaries.
Male Pelvis/ Transrectal ultrasound:
  • The transrectal test creates images of the prostate by placing a special transducer into the rectum. After the procedure is explained to the patient, patient is required to sign the consent form.
  • Purchase Fleet Enema from Pharmacy. Proceed with enema 2 hours prior exam following instructions on the package. Finish drinking 5 glasses of water 1 hour before examination. Do not empty your bladder.
Clothing and personal items
Wear loose clothing to your ultrasound appointment. You may be asked to remove jewelry during your ultrasound, so it's a good idea to leave any valuables at home.
What you can expect
Before your ultrasound begins, you may be asked to do the following:
  • Remove any jewelry from the area being examined.
  • Remove some or all of your clothing.
  • Change into a gown.
You'll be asked to lie on an examination table.
During the Procedure
Gel is applied to your skin over the area being examined. It helps prevent air pockets, which can block the sound waves that create the images. This water-based gel is easy to remove from skin and clothing.
A trained technician (sonographer) presses a small, hand-held device (transducer) against the area being studied and moves it as needed to capture the images. The transducer sends sound waves into your body, collects the ones that bounce back and sends them to a computer, which creates the images. Sometimes, ultrasounds are done inside your body (Endocavities) . In this case, the transducer is inserted into a natural opening in your body. You will be required to sign consent form before examination performed. 
When your exam is complete, our radiologist will analyze and interpret imaging studies and send a report to your referring doctor. 
Appointments and Referrals
We are here to support you. You may reach us at 416 335 0323 from 8:30AM to 6PM, Monday to Saturday.
If you are pregnant
The risk of radiation is known to be extremely low in modern x-ray facilities. However, if you are pregnant or think you might be pregnant, you should speak to your healthcare professional to assess the benefits, risks and your specific needs before having an x-ray.
Ultrasound Safety
Unlike x-rays, ultrasound does not use ionizing radiation. It uses high frequency sound waves to produce detailed images of your body. Ultrasound is very safe and most people can have this examination including pregnant women and babies.
Ultrasonic Gel
Special gel is spread over your skin during the examination, which allows the technologist to see your organs as clearly as possible. The gel does not contain any sanitizers or fragrances that may irritate your skin or cause a reaction.
You should never stop taking any prescribed medications, unless you are advised by your physician or health care provider responsible for your care.
Let us know if you:
  • Are anxious about your ultrasound examination
  • Have any questions or concerns about pregnancy
  • Are unable to perform any of the instructions required for the test, before your appointment.
Please reschedule your appointment if you have any of the following symptoms:
  • Fever
  • Cough
  • Trouble Breathing
To ensure your safety, please inform staff if you are uncomfortable or need assistance.
If you have any questions, please contact the Diagnostic Imaging Department at 416 335 0323.
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